Our services and all treatments

We provide comprehensive dental treatment and perform all dental procedures including above standard procedures


The first check-up after registering a patient in a dental office, performing a comprehensive dental examination, solving problems etc.

Aesthetic dentistry

We emphasize dental treatment that leads to natural and flawless teeth.

Pediatric dentistry

We also provide dental treatment and prevention to children of all ages


An industry that uses dental implants to replenish teeth, whether it is a replacement of one tooth or whole teeth.

Teeth whitening

Removing unwanted teeth and lightening by several shades

6 900 CZK
Ordinal teeth whitening

Professional removal of unwanted tooth coloring with innovative instruments and lightening up to several shades.

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All dental rows of jaws on only 4 implants

Nobel Biocare's "All on 4" or "All on Four" method involves introducing 4 implants into the toothless upper or lower jaw. The implants are set obliquely outside of the anatomical structure, so they do not require bone sculpture.

How does it work?

Dental hygiene

Preventive dental care, learning the right dental care technique to reduce caries and diseases of the surrounding dental tissue.

Dental Emergency

For any acute condition associated with teeth even if the dentist's surgery is already closed.

Restorative dentistry

Based on the prevention and treatment of problems so that the tooth does not get ripped out.

Teeth extraction is covered by health insurance

For example, wisdom teeth are "backward" teeth, that is, eights (third molars), and their growth can cause significant problems.

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Dental surgery

Surgical procedures on teeth, surrounding tissues and jaw bones.


Prevention and treatment of problems with tooth suspension apparatus, ie periodontium.


Treatment of the "inside" of the tooth, ie dental pulp and dental canals (roots).


Solve problems with position, number, or shape irregularities. It heals bite defects and defects in the mutual position of the jaws.


Computer tomography

Radiological examination imaging method that combines classical X-ray examination with a computer system.


The condition in which the patient is put into sleep or the treated part is numb.

Filling materials

We use only high-quality materials for filling or finishing a tooth that are durable and aesthetic.



State-of-the-art equipment and technology for more accurate and efficient examination

Dental Laboratory

We make suitable dental replacements based on examination, eg crowns, bridges, sensing substitutes.