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Whole dental arch only on 4 implants

Nobel Biocare's "All on 4" or "All on Four" method involves introducing 4 implants into the toothless upper or lower jaw. The implants are set obliquely outside of the anatomical structure, so they do not require bone sculpture.

How does it work?

Aesthetic dentistry

We emphasize dental treatment that leads to natural and flawless teeth.

Teeth whitening

Removing unwanted teeth and lightening by several shades

Caries treatment without drilling

Icon® is a method of treating tooth decay without any intervention in the tooth. Developed by university scientists in Germany and remineralized tooth enamel. More about the method

MUDr. et MUDr. Filip Donev

Chief Dentist at MALO CLINIC Prague Dental Care Center and Nobel Biocare Official Trainer. He is an expert in dental implantology and All-on-4® replacement, dental surgery and prosthetics.

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We use the latest technology

Modern technologies and devices that are introduced into dentistry to improve dental services thanks to the computer. Device overview