Our team of specialists

MUDr. et MUDr. Filip Donev
Chief Dentist

Official trainer of Nobel Biocare and an expert in dental implantology and All-on-4® replacement, dental surgery and prosthetics.

MDDr. Klaudia Krajčová
Child Dental Expert

Pediatric and restorative dentistry, endodontics.

MDDr. Kristina Purkovik
Experienced specialist

Pediatric and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics.

Kateřina Hanišová, DiS.
Great dental hygienist

Dental hygiene

MUDr. Vladivoj Tuzar
Top and experienced anesthetist


MUDr. Vasilis Vlachopulos
Specialist in dental surgery

Dental surgery

MDDr. David Stojnov
Experienced specialist

MDDr. Kateřina Krejzlikova
Experienced specialist

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Mgr. Denisa Barteková
Dental assistant

Katarina Kolarević
Dental assistant

Jana Amoutza
Dental assistant

Olja Porošnjak
Dental assistant

Martina Tomik
Dental assistant