Pediatric dentistry

We also provide dental treatment and prevention to children of all ages

The first visit to the dentist should not be postponed and should take place within one year of the child.

Your doctor will advise your mother on how to properly care for baby teeth from their first hatching, which toothpaste and toothbrush to choose, what to avoid, the baby’s diet is also important, etc. Sometimes, parents feel that temporary teeth do not need such care as permanent teeth. the opposite is true. It is important to teach the child to properly care for temporary teeth, so that he or she can also take care of the permanent one properly. In addition, spoiled temporary teeth can be painful.

The first visits are intended mainly to familiarize the child with the surgery and the doctor, so that the child is not afraid, to see everything and to establish a friendly contact with his dentist, nor to check the teeth.

As part of pediatric dentistry, we offer a kind and patient approach to children who manage stress differently than adults. We use panoramic images, DiagnoCam, a highly effective method with minimal stress for the child, to diagnose and monitor dental development and jaw position.

When treating a child we proceed as gentle as possible. A child who cannot be calmed can be treated in analgosedation.

We can seal fissures, ozone treatment, make substitutes – baby crowns, dental caries treatment…

In our dental center, we pay attention not only to the health of children's teeth, but also to the psyche.

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We provide comprehensive services to even the smallest patients

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Sealing new teeth as prevention

Filling the fissures of the molars to prevent caries development. It is performed immediately after cutting the stool.

Colored fillings

Dairy teeth as well as permanent teeth can damage the tooth decay that needs to be treated.

Ozone therapy

Painless tooth and ozone gum treatment. It quickly disinfects and cures tooth decay.

Child's psyche

Children are very sensitive and visiting a dental office can be very stressful for them. You need to look at it.

Entrance children's tour

Friendlyly we will familiarize the child with the environment, the staff, so as not to be afraid of further visits.


MUDr. Milan Tomka, Ph.D.
Top dental expert

Teeth whitening, periodontics, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

MDDr. Klaudia Krajčová
Child Dental Expert

Pediatric and restorative dentistry, endodontics.

MDDr. Kristina (Purkovik) Aleksandrova
Experienced specialist

Pediatric and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics.

MDDr. Irina Sokolova
Experienced specialist

Pediatric and aesthetic dentistry