State-of-the-art equipment and technology for more accurate and efficient examination

Thanks to the instrumentation and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, which we have put into practice as one of the first in the Czech Republic, dental examination becomes more accurate as well as treatment is faster and more efficient. At our dental care center, we use the most advanced instruments.


State-of-the-art dental technology allows you to create ceramic dental fillings and replacements while you wait through 3D imaging and milling replacement from ceramic block.

Microscope Zeiss

Compact dental microscope that is simple to use and my high performance.


Painless and highly effective treatment of teeth and gums with ozone. Quickly treats caries, gingivitis ...


A special lamp is used to whiten teeth.

Dental diode laser

The diode laser in the dentist's office is widely used. Thanks to it, the treatment is fast, with immediate effect, clean and above all painless, completely non-invasive.


Revealing dental caries, even the beginner.


Imaging diagnostic method used to detect caries.


Digital arc for determining jaw position and other anatomical values.


A diagnostic device (intraoral camera) that allows you to enlarge the image from the oral cavity several times and convert it to the screen so that you can see where the problem is.

Gendex GXDP – 800

State-of-the-art 3D imaging device that produces high quality images using minimal patient exposure

Piezon Master 700

Very gently and efficiently removes plaque and stone by ultrasound


Modern method of surgical interventions on bone using ultrasonic vibrations

The Wand

Modern technology for anesthetic administration instead of classic injection


A wireless device allowing precise and rapid filling of the dental canal with gutta percha

Estetica E80

High quality dental unit KaVo Estetica E50 Life for top-class work and procedures

Estetica E50

The high quality of the KaVo KaVo Estetica E70 / E80 Vision dental unit for high-end work and procedures.

OsseoCare Pro

Complex treatment of problems in the oral cavity from drilling to implantology


Device used in conservative paradontosis therapy.

Gendex GXPS – 500

Digital, fast and compact scanner for clear and sharp X-ray images.


Modern technology that is introduced into dentistry to design a product and manage its production through a computer.


A mixture of gases, namely nitrous oxide and oxygen, to minimize the risk of excessive damping.


Fully automatic machine that mixes perfect impression material.