An industry that uses dental implants to replenish teeth, whether it is a replacement of one tooth or whole teeth.

The replacement of the implants fulfills both the aesthetic aspect and, of course, the functional ones, they are completely preserved, respectively. chewing function restored.

An implantologist should be consulted prior to the procedure to design a treatment plan for you. 3D images can be made to create an accurate 3D reconstruction model. This imaging can also assess the quality of the jawbones. Then the implantation itself begins.

When inserting the implant, a hole is first drilled into the jaw bone into which a titanium screw is inserted to serve as a dental root. Of course, the introduction of the screws is painless, using anesthesia according to the needs of the patient. The healing of the implant takes approximately 6 to 24 weeks, then a part that is above the gum is inserted and a crown is attached to it. Most often all-ceramic, which can be made by CEREC while you wait.

The life of the implants is high. However, it is influenced by the quality of the bones it is embedded in, as well as your dental care. Care should be taken to maintain oral hygiene and to check regularly.

The probability of failure and non-healing of the implant is near zero in our top dental center.

All dental rows of jaws on only 4 implants

Nobel Biocare's "All on 4" or "All on Four" method involves introducing 4 implants into the toothless upper or lower jaw. The implants are set obliquely outside of the anatomical structure, so they do not require bone sculpture.

How does it work?


Dental implants

The most reliable replacement for lost teeth, complemented by a custom made crown for the most natural result.


MUDr. et MUDr. Filip Donev
Chief Dentist

Official trainer of Nobel Biocare and an expert in dental implantology and All-on-4® replacement, dental surgery and prosthetics.