Dental hygiene

Preventive dental care, learning the right dental care technique to reduce caries and diseases of the surrounding dental tissue.

Dental hygiene refers to cleaning teeth and caring for the oral cavity, including gums.

Few, however, can brush their teeth properly, resulting in plaque, stone, later caries or periodontitis.

We are aware of the importance of dental hygiene to prevent dental damage and, thanks to the experts in our top dental care center, you can learn to care for your teeth. We will teach you how to properly select toothbrushes, whether they are “ordinary”, interdental or one-volume, dental floss, but also toothpastes and mouthwashes. Not only dental and oral care aids are important, but also the technique we perform. Of course, we will help you with that. Dental hygiene is an educational but also a healing process.

Your dental hygienist or dentist will carefully and thoroughly examine your oral cavity. Before he starts to teach you how to take care of your oral health properly, he will remove tartar or. recommends dental repair by a dentist.

It is important to check regularly to check if you are doing the right thing and clean your teeth efficiently. If this is not the case, the dental hygienist or doctor will advise you on how to correct the defects so that the hygiene is as good as possible and bring the desired effect, which are healthy and strong teeth and a bright smile.



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Kateřina Hanišová, DiS.
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Dental hygiene